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Well Drilling Experts

Ground Source is a well-drilling company offering expert service to get you water.


"Water For Life" - we look at well drilling as more than finding water; we take pride in installing reliable access to a vital resource that families can enjoy every day.

Accu-Depth™ - when we use research to accurately determine the depth of a well upfront, the estimate will be accurate, too, with little or no change orders and upcharges.


Online Well Database - by reviewing the 40,000 wells throughout our service area, we can determine the availability of the best quality water.

Analysis Of Needs - a thorough fact-finding discussion of a building's unique water needs helps us recommend a well that works for you now and into the future.

Advanced Equipment - everything we use is state-of-the-art; our drills obtain water from both bedrock and water-bearing soil, and our pumps rival the best public water service.

Expert Crew - employees are not only experienced (averaging 15 years), they're also innovative; developing techniques to reduce elevated arsenic levels to below EPA standards.

High-Quality Water - we're obsessive about clean water, and have been for over 50 years; we find the best water and can offer our opinion on water treatment.

Unmatched Service - after the sale, we are here to make sure your water system works properly.

Price Matching - we don't think a lower estimate should cost you quality water. That is why we will match the price of any similar quality estimate.

Best Overall Value - our customer satisfaction rate of over 98% speaks for itself; experience for yourself how our attention to detail makes the difference, from estimating to drilling to project follow-up.

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