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Pump Troubleshooting

Before You Call

The correct operation of your well and pumping system is very important to us. If your system is not working, please follow these few tips before calling. There may be a simple solution.

1. Confirm that the breaker to the pump is working. We recommend flipping the breaker several times to confirm that it is set.

2. Was the ball valve to the home inadvertently closed? Confirm that the ball valve next to the tank is pointing the same direction as the water line. Note: if the ball valve lever is at a 90 degree to the water line, it is closed.

3. Is pressure consistent throughout the home? Check to make sure that the water is entering the home properly by placing a bucket under the faucet next to the pressure tank. If full pressure is at this faucet, confirm that all valves are open on the water softener. Also check each faucet and make sure the screens are clear of sediment or mineral buildup.


4. Do you have a constant pressure pumping system? Is there a red light on? If it is shut the power off at the breaker box, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. If this does not solve the problem, call to schedule a service call.

5. Is your water cloudy or sediment present? Hook a garden hose to your outside faucet and let it run outside for several hours until the water clears.

6. Is your home on a concrete slab? If so you have a water line coming into your home through the concrete slab. Heat tape keeps this water line from freezing. Make sure the heat tape is plugged in and working (it will be warm to the touch).

7. Are there any abnormal noises? Do you hear an excessive amount of clicking near the pressure tank or does the pump run too often? If this is happening, it is essential that you call us at your earliest convenience.

8. Has your water suddenly begun to smell? If your water only smells in your hot water tap, pull the anode out of your hot water heater. The anode is there to protect your hot water heater from premature failure, but also degrades causing your water to occasionally smell like rotten eggs. If your cold water also smells then most likely sulfur is the problem, please call if this is the case to schedule a well chlorination.

If this did not solve any of the conditions that may be occurring, please call us at 1-800-236-9355.

Thank you for your business. 

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