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Why Choose Ground Source
Well Drilling for over 50 years.

Ground Source, Inc. offers a full line of well drilling and pump installation services. We are experienced in residential, industrial, agricultural and municipal water wells. We offer over fifty years of well drilling experience, which cover thousands of wells throughout Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

Every well estimate is researched by looking in our well data base of 275,000 wells throughout Wisconsin. We look at all of the existing water wells in your area to give you the most accurate well drilling estimate along with the best water quality available. Water quality has changed over time, so you can no longer drill a well anywhere and expect good quality water. You must look at all of the existing wells in your area and determine if there are ways to drill your new well better. We may install additional well casing to block off a bad water zone or drill with different drilling methods to avoid high iron or arsenic.

Our employees have over 20 years of drilling experience. We have drilled in every area of Wisconsin. This experience will be used to maximize your water quantity and quality. An example of our expertise is the development of Rotary Wash Drilling Techniques to reduce arsenic in water wells. We were instrumental in using Rotary Wash Drilling in the arsenic corridor, thereby reducing arsenic levels to below the EPA standard. This technique was "the answer" to those with elevated arsenic levels.

We have the most state of the art equipment money can buy. This means you can be assured of the best water quality and quantity available. Our well drilling rigs have special features to obtain water from both bedrock and water bearing soil, so you have the best chance of a quality water source. The well pumping system in your estimate will rival the best public water service. You will be able to do laundry, run the dishwasher and take a shower at the same time without interruption.


  • Over 10,000 wells drilled in Wisconsin

  • 50+ Years Experience

  • Arsenic Specialists

  • Geothermal Loop Installation

  • Well Driller - Licenses: Wisconsin: #37, #4462, #4468, Michigan # 93-2397, Minnesota # 93743

  • Highest quality products used throughout the entire system

  • Complete Insurance coverage

  • Member of the National Groundwater Association and WWWA

  • National Groundwater Association Certified Installer

  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Certified

  • Wisconsin Geothermal Association member

Over 98% of our customers are satisfied with our workmanship and would recommend us to others. In fact, over 85% of our work comes from "word of mouth".

"I very much appreciate the promptness, caring attitude and workmanship of your company. Thanks!"

Marvel H. Town of Scott

"Your crews are very efficient and skilled!"

Greg N. Town of Kossuth

"Excellent, outstanding job!!"

Paul B. Town of Fremont

"Excellent work!!"

Jeff K. Town of Montpelier

"Very professional & efficient"

Ron & Carolyn B. Town of Cooperstown

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality water available at a competitive price. All material we use will be of the highest quality, so you will not be hassled with "little problems" over the years. Our systems will provide years of trouble free, worry free, great tasting water. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Tom W. Van De Yacht

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