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Environmental Services

  • Environmental, Geotechnical Borings, Rock Coring, Directional Drilling

  • Installation of monitoring wells and piezometers

  • Installation of recovery wells and Gas Vents to 18" diameter

  • Hollow stem auger drilling and sampling to 12 ?" I.D.

  • Mud/Air rotary drilling to 36" diameter - Rock Coring

  • Rock drilling with down hole hammer to 36" diameter

  • Directional Rock drilling with tricone roller bits to 22" diameter

  • Pump testing from .10gpm to 300gpm

  • Down Hole Camera

  • Angle drilling with dual tube Reverse Circulation

  • Geoprobe Model 4200 Soil Probe Unit

  • All Terrain Drill Rigs

  • Vacuum Extraction Utility Location

Environmental Drilling Experience

  • 1" - 4" Monitoring wells and Piezometers using PVC and Stainless Steel

  • Drilling to 1850' with finished borehole of 16"

  • Rock Coring with Air and Water

  • 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" Recovery wells to 130'

  • Mud Rotary, Rotary Wash drilling for 2" thru 12" wells to 300'

  • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling and continuous sampling to 180'

  • Air Sparging/Vapor Extraction Well Installation

  • Leachate Head Level Wells, Leachate Collection Wells and Gas Vents

  • Numerous methods of well development

  • Horizontal Soil Sampling Under Buildings

  • Step Tests, Pump Tests and Recovery Tests to 300gpm with water containment

  • Horizontal Air Sparge,. Vapor Extraction and Groundwater Recovery Wells

This list is not complete, but rather offers a perspective on our versatility, knowledge and expertise.

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